Practice Management Resources for Independent Providers

Here are some wonderful practice management resources that are available online or in book form. It is updated regularly, so check back often. Got a favorite that you don’t see here? Let me know! I’d love to get it added to the list.

General Practice

AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders)
The AAPC is an extremely important resource for the business side of your practice.
They provide quality educational resources in medical coding, billing, auditing, general practice management, and compliance. Membership is very affordable and the benefits include access to formal certification programs, networking and knowledge sharing boards and a wealth of up-to-date news information on federal regulatory requirements and best practices. I can say from personal experience that the benefits of membership are an incredible value for the price. I believe that every medical clinic should have someone on staff with access to their resources.

The Profitable Practice
This is a more general practice management site, with a significant emphasis on software technology. It does a good job addressing significant trends in healthcare, that all practitioners should be aware of. It is run by the Software Advice group, which compiles reviews and comparisons on a variety of medical software applications.


The Strategic Chiropractor
This is an amazing site for chiropractors. It is run and actively maintained by Dr. Tom Necela, who is an industry leading expert on all aspects of chiropractic business. There is a wealth of information on best practices for charting and billing, how to grow your practice, and what to be aware of in the ever changing world of reimbursement regulations. I would strongly recommend that all chiropractors subscribe to his email updates and follow regularly.


Playing The Game
This is a wonderful site for acupuncturists. It is full of super useful and practical information on how to succeed at billing and reimbursement. The only caveat is that it does not appear to be actively maintained and updated any longer, the most recent posts are from 2012. The majority of information appears to still be valid, but I would make a point of double checking policy details relating to specific plans. The authors have also folded much of the content into a book form as well.
Playing the Game: A Step-by-Step Approach to Accepting Insurance as an Acupuncturist