Patients are comfortable with EHRs in the Exam Room

Patients are comfortable with EHRs in the Exam Room

Are you worried that your patients might react negatively to you implementing electronic charting in the exam room? A new study by EHR systems research and reviews firm Software Advice indicates that a very large percentage of patients are quite comfortable with a provider using an EHR system during the encounter.

Melissa McCormack and the team behind The Profitable Practice surveyed a random sample of 4500 US patients, and asked a variety of questions to gauge their attitudes on how providers capture medical information. When asked specifically whether it would bother them for their doctor to type on a desktop computer, on a laptop computer and on a tablet during an office exam, over 80% of patients reported that they would not be bothered by it.

When they asked similar questions about doctors using assistants as scribes, or about audio recordings, patients continued to be the most comfortable with doctors using a computer and an EHR during the encounter.

It is good to know that you don’t have to worry that implementing an EHR system will damage your patient’s perception of the office visit. It turns out that the primary drivers of patient satisfaction continue to be what we’ve known all along; wait time, staff friendliness, and visit duration.

If you’re ready to start thinking about making the big transition for your practice, I would love to help!

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