Free ICD-10 introductory resources

Are you just beginning to think about the looming ICD-10 transition, and wondering where you should even begin?

There are some good, free introductory resources out there that will help you get the ball rolling. These will give you some background into what and why things are changing, and some insights into what the new codes will look like for your specialty.

Medscape has put together a brief presentation that is specifically aimed at small practices.
ICD-10: Small Practice Guide to a Smooth Transition

This is a good, basic introduction that is very specific to the October 1, 2014 transition date.

The World Health Organization also has a large training tool that lays out the basic structure of the classification system. This will give some good background on how to find the new codes relevant to your practice.
WHO ICD-10 training

The one drawback to the WHO training is that it does not go into any of the CMS regulatory standards that are specific to the current transition and necessary to maintain reimbursement going forward.

It is important to note that these resources are a very good start, however by themselves they are not sufficient preparation for your practice. In addition to learning the new codes for yourself, you will also need to think about training your support staff, and making sure that your clinical documentation and practice management processes are optimized for the transition as well.

Now is a great time to begin to plan in earnest. I can help you analyze your own needs and get you on the right track to a successful transition.

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