EHR Implementation Support

EHR Implementation Support

Ready for a new EHR?

The world of medical practice software can be quite bewildering. There is a huge range in pricing, and little information to help you accurately assess costs and benefits. Affordability is always a key factor, but the very cheapest solution is rarely the best option in the long run.

With software especially, you will need to consider both the base cost of the system and the requirements for successful use.

Currently there are some good options available that have a very low base cost of operation. However, the trade-off for low pricing may mean less customer support as well. The more affordable EHR options may require an additional short-term investment of time and money in implementation support services. This investment will help establish an optimal workflow for your practice, and ensure the success of your system.

Providers who ignore EHR implementation planning will frequently manage to teach themselves only the minimal amount necessary to get by. As a result they end up with a solution that is partially functional, but still inefficient, leading to frustrations and costly time delays.

This is why it is so important to invest in your implementation process. Dedicating some additional resources at the very beginning can have a huge impact on the ultimate success of your system. This is necessary whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a larger group practice.

EHR Implementation support consists of 3 basic components:

  • User training, customized to your practice
  • Assistance with system configuration and patient data import
  • Guaranteed and responsive technical support

User Training
Proper user training is critical to the success of any EHR and billing system. Every provider and practice is unique and will have a different set of expectations for the system. Personalized instruction helps new users navigate the system in a way that is most efficient and compatible with their preferred workflow.

With larger practices, providers and administrative staff can be trained separately so that each can become expert in their own domain. Training for a group practice will also focus on the care transition points, where important patient data needs to be available to multiple team members, as immediately as possible.

System set-up and configuration
Most systems come with a massive array of set-up and configuration options. At a very minimum you will need to establish accounts and permission levels for all users and enter basic scheduling and billing information. You must also consider options like custom templates for specialty charting, appointment reminder systems, e-prescribe, and patient portal services. For an established practice, implementation support can also help you transfer in your existing patient demographics and data. These services can save many hours of time and frustration on your part!

Ongoing technical support
In the first 2-3 months with any new system, you are going to find yourself with a long list of questions that will pop up outside of any scheduled training sessions. These can range from simple ‘how-to’ queries to wondering if the application is working correctly. A support contract can help you get answers to your basic questions more quickly and efficiently. In the event of a significant issue, a dedicated support person can help expedite your request with the vendor as well.


Implementing a new EHR system is a very significant undertaking for any healthcare practice. If it is not managed properly, it can quickly turn into a large waste of time and money. Fortunately, there are experts available to help you succeed with this process. Invest in implementation support in order to get the best results from your new EHR system.

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