Custom ICD-10 Training

For independent and small practice providers

ICD-10 is coming, no more delays!

The new conversion date is October 1, 2015, and it is unlikely to be pushed back again. This transition will have an enormous impact on your practice, and it is critical to start planning now. Failure to adequately prepare will result in delayed reimbursements from payers, potentially causing significant financial hardship.

I have created a unique ICD-10 training program that will answer your questions and help you prepare your practice for the coming transition. I have developed this material specifically for the needs of small practice and independent providers. It is applicable to many types of providers including primary care physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors and acupuncturists.

Instead of a weekend seminar or a generic online lecture experience, I offer a custom tailored workshop delivered at your clinic and at your convenience. Include your administrative staff, or share with other colleagues for discounted rates.

Topics include:

  • ICD-10 transition details
  • Practice management and financial preparation
  • New code set structure and rules
  • Best online resources
  • Specifics for your specialty
  • Practice code translations, including your own ‘Top 10’ list


The ICD-10 training workshops will consist of 2 sessions, each approximately 90 minutes in length. The first session will be primarily ‘lecture’ style, and the second session will be a collaborative group exercise in translating a variety of codes, with particular emphasis on common codes for your specialty. This will give you practical experience in learning and applying the new codes that you will use the most.

Special focus will be given to exploring a variety of available resources that will teach you how to find the information you will need going forward.

The two sessions can be delivered back to back, or on separate dates. Pricing will be set according to the number of people, with additional discounts for early registration.

Sign up today and be ready for ICD-10!