Client Testimonials

“As the director of a busy clinic, I’ve had my experiences with EHR and practice management software. I had been suffering with using a slow, glitchy, and cumbersome program and knew, as our clinic grew, we needed to make a change. The process was daunting, and I had already spent nine months researching and had hired one other consultant before starting to work with Michelle Bobo and Charm. We have spent the last six months moving over to the new EHR and I couldn’t be more pleased. In the past, I’d longed to have someone help myself and my staff to interface with tech support and the program directly. There are so many situations that arise using software programs that require either an interpreter or a mediator. Michelle has been great at both.

Having met with several other clinic directors recently, I became aware of how costly, inefficient, and frustrating changing to a new EHR can be. I am so grateful that I’ve had Michelle to walk us through the process with little incident or drama! We have a number of types of practitioners at Amenda, and Michelle has been able to work with each of them to help them adapt the program to each of their needs.”

Dr. Elissa Mendenhall, ND
Director, Amenda Clinic
Portland, OR